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Audit Trail

The Audit Trail shows detailed information about all modifications in your environment, including the installation of Service Packs (if applicable).

  • To view the audit trail of all changes in your environment, go to Diagnostics > Audit Trail.

  • To view the audit trail of a specific feature or item, either click the Audit Trail tab of the feature/item or, if this is not available, click Audit_Trail_icon in the Command bar.

  • If you configured Management Portal Integration, use Launch Management Portal to view the Audit Trail data.

Audit Trail Options

The following options are available in the Audit Trail node:

  • To display the properties of an entry, right-click it and click Properties.

  • To refresh the contents of the Audit Trail, click Refresh.

  • To copy the contents of the Audit Trail to the clipboard, click Copy.

  • To clear the Audit Trail log of all entries or log entries that are older than 90 days, click Clear log.

  • To protect the Clear log button with a password, click Security. This opens the Security window, which allows you to enable password protection.

    • If you already configured a password, click Security to change this password. This opens the Verify password window. After entering the correct password, the Security window opens, which allows you to change the password.

Search Engine

By default, the first 100 log entries are automatically shown when clicking Search. When the option Show last 100 entries only is not checked, the log view will be cleared. You can then search for the desired log entries.

Clicking the More button allows you to group your search (Group By) or specify a Date / Time Filter for your search. The # incidents at the bottom of the overview is dynamic.