Ivanti Workspace Control: API Guide

The Ivanti Workspace ControlAPI Guide presents the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available in the Workspace Control Management Portal.

This document also provides steps on how to set up the Management Portal and access the Swagger UI — an Interface Description Language (IDL) used to describe RESTful APIs expressed using JSON. The Swagger UI included in the Management Portal offers more details on each API, such as response class, API model and parameters, as well as examples. The Swagger UI also provides an environment where to try out the APIs.

Starting with Workspace Control 2022.3 version, the Management Portal is a deprecated feature and will be removed from the Workspace Control Console in a future version of the product.

For more information on Ivanti Workspace Control, see the Workspace Control Administration Guide.

For additional documents and information, please refer to Ivanti main website and Ivanti Community.