Important Information

Read the following information before continuing with installing or upgrading Ivanti Workspace Control.

  • Workspace Control 2022.1 version or higher cannot be installed on machines running Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Windows 7 and Windows 8.0.

  • Workspace Control 2022.2 introduced a new implementation of the Authorized Owners feature. If you are using the feature in your Workspace Control environment, read the following before upgrading: Authorized Owners considerations before upgrading to Workspace Control 2023.4.

The ActiveReports components (libraries and object code) included in this release are proprietary to Data Dynamics, Ltd. (acquired by: GrapeCity, Inc.). By downloading and installing this release, end-users assume and accept sole responsibility of the use of the ActiveReports components, and will not act contrary to license terms applicable and available via

Notices Files

The Notices Files offer information about the third-party components used in Ivanti Workspace Control, including the Relay Server. These files provide the names of the external components and copyright and license information. The Notices Files are bundled together with the Workspace Control installation files in the product archive available from Product Downloads and Release Notes.

Microsoft .NET Framework prerequisite

Workspace Control 2023.4 (version requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher.


The following table shows when Workspace Control drivers were last updated:


Last updated in


Ivanti Workspace Control 2023.2 version


Ivanti Workspace Control 2023.3 version


Ivanti Workspace Control 2023.2 version


Ivanti Workspace Control 2023.2 version


Ivanti Workspace Control 2023.3 version

When upgrading to a Workspace Control version that updated the drivers previously listed, a restart is required to activate the updated drivers.


The following table shows the Datastore revision levels for Workspace Control and the version in which they were introduced.

Datastore revision level Introduced in


IWC 2022.4 (


IWC 2023.3 (

When upgrading to Workspace Control 2023.4, if the Datastore is of a lower revision level than the level specified in the table above, then the Datastore is automatically updated.