MSIX integration for Workspace Control

MSIX is a Microsoft Windows application package format that provides a modern packaging experience to all Windows applications.

MSIX is a new feature integrated in Workspace Control. It is currently in Early Access, under constant development and will be released in several phases to minimize the potential impact of bugs and issues. Ivanti aims to improve the feature by refining it to customer needs and feedback.

MSIX app attach is not part of the current implementation.

Enable the MSIX feature

To enable the MSIX feature for Workspace Control, configure the following string value on machines running the Workspace Control Console:









In order to run MSIX on Windows Server versions prior to 2019 20H2, enable the Sideload apps option in Windows settings > Update & Security > For developers > Use developer features.

Current Capabilities

In Workspace Control 2023.4 version, the following capabilities are available for the MSIX feature:

  • Configure MSIX managed applications from the Workspace Control Console;

  • Deploy the MSIX Package to endpoints running Workspace Control 2023.4 or higher;

  • Start the MSIX Package in sessions on Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022 endpoints running Workspace Control 2023.4 or higher;

  • Actions configured at application start or end (Edit application window > Configuration > Actions tab);

  • File Type association (Edit application window > Properties > File Types tab);

  • Autolaunch at session start (Edit application window > Properties > Settings tab > Options section)

  • The option Run outside MSIX virtual environment is available. (New command window > Properties) This allows the command that was configured for the application to run outside the MSIX bubble of that application.

  • Although Dynamic Privileges isn't supported for an MSIX application, it is supported for scripts attached to the MSIX application that have the feature Run Outside MSIX virtual environment enabled. The Run using Dynamic Privileges can be selected only if Run Outside MSIX virtual environment is selected.

  • User Settings and User Settings Wizard (Edit application window > User Settings > Capturing tab> Add > Discover User Settings option)

UI changes for an MSIX application

The following options in the Edit application window are no supported for MSIX and they are no longer displayed on UI for MSIX applications:

  • Properties > General tab > Run as Workspace Extension

  • Properties > Settings tab > Setting section

    • Maximum instances

    • Startup style of application

    • Process priority of application

  • Properties > Settings tab > Options section

    • Use extra password verification

    • Exclude from CPU Optimization

    • Exclude from Memory Optimization Limits

    • Exclude from Memory Optimization

    • Run in separate memory (16 bit apps)

    • Hide application

    • Hide application if executable was not found

    • Use "generic isolation" integration

    • Disable file system redirector on 64-bit systems

  • Properties > Publishing tab

  • User settings > Properties tab > Zero profile mode

    • Track any settings changed by application immediately

    • Capture targeted items once, then track further changes

  • Security > Dynamic Privileges tab

Knows issues and limitations

  • Shortcuts created by the MSIX Package are added to the Start Menu. This results in shortcuts created by both Workspace Control and by the MSIX Package to be available to end-users. This is the behavior as with the Microsoft App-V integration for Workspace Control.

  • Composition > Applications > context menu > New Application ( using Wizard) option is not supported for MSIX.

Provide feedback

Any discovered issues and feedback can be provided using this Microsoft form.

Cases concerning the early access phase of the MSIX feature cannot be raised to Ivanti Support.