Upgrade Deployment

Before starting the Workspace Control upgrade process, ensure that your environment meets the requirements outlined in Prerequisites.

Ivanti cannot be held responsible for any issue that may arise during or after an upgrade. If an upgrade is applied to a production environment and triggers a production stop, Ivanti Support will ask you to rollback the upgrade and then help you investigate and solve the introduced issue.

DTAP-street approach

When upgrading, Ivanti recommends taking the DTAP-street approach to allow a phased introduction of Workspace Control into your production environment.

As with any new version of Workspace Control, Ivanti recommends first testing the upgrade in a test environment, followed by an acceptance test. A test setup can be configured for a pilot group with users from different departments and the user experience can be monitored. This allows you to test the Workspace Control upgrade procedure safely and in a controlled way.

After the tests are successful, back up your production environment before upgrading Workspace Control.

Types of installation files

There are three different files you can use to upgrade your Workspace Control environment:

  • Upgrade pack: attended installation of upgrades for Console and Agent.

  • Auto-upgrade pack: unattended installation upgrades for Console and Agent. They do not require your attention and can be scheduled for a specified time.

  • MSI files: Relay Servers can be upgrade only by running specific MSI files.

Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade Workspace Control in your environment, follow these steps:

Different versions of Workspace Control can run next to each other in a mixed environment.

A video tutorial about the upgrade process is available.