Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Integration

The scope of this section is to help you enhance Ivanti Workspace Control by enabling Workspace Control to save user settings to Azure Blob Storage — a cloud based storage solution from Microsoft.

User settings are synchronized between the local file system and the Azure Blob Storage at the start and at the end of user sessions managed by Workspace Control.


  • One or more Azure tenants

    An Azure tenant represents a single organization, where all users for that organization reside.

  • One or more Azure Blob Storage accounts

    The blob storage account hosts the Workspace Control user settings in the Azure cloud environment.

  • Workspace Control Composer

    The Composer synchronizes user settings between the user's local machine and the Azure Blob Storage at the start and at the end of Workspace Control managed sessions, or during sessions at defined cache intervals.

  • Workspace Control Web Service

    The Web Service is an Azure App Service that authenticates the Workspace Control user with the Azure tenant using shared access signature (SAS) tokens.

    For more information about SAS, see
    Grant limited access to Azure Storage resources using shared access signatures (SAS) article by Microsoft.

The following illustration provides an overview of how the different components interact:

Illustration providing an overview of how the different components interact in this integration.

Consider that Microsoft Azure is a cloud service when configuring advanced detection for connection states under User Context > Connection States. Such configurations can impact the performance and functionality of the Azure User Settings integration.
For more details see Connection States.