The Workspace Control Console

The Workspace Control Console is the central point of administration of the User Workspace. It is usually run from an administrator's workstation. The Workspace Control Console stores all the provided information in a database.

In the Workspace Control Console, the administrator can centrally manage context–aware workspaces that contain all the right applications, data, printing and personal settings essential for the users' productive working. It offers the Workspace Designer and several Wizards, helping the administrator to create workspace items according to business rules and compliance. With the Workspace Model, the administrator can control which parts should be composed and secured in the User Workspace.

Throughout the Console the size of the columns as they appear on screen can be adjusted. Customized column width or order of columns is saved automatically on the user's home drive or, if not available, in the user's registry. The option Reset all column properties to defaults in the Options menu, will reset any changes that you made to the order or widths of columns in the Console.
In every list view in the Console, one column is by default configured to auto size to fill out any remaining screen width. If you adjust the width of an auto-sizing column, it will no longer auto size and so you may end up with white space to the right of the columns.

The Workspace Control Console process, pwrtech.exe, has only one instance per device.

Some of the Wizards run as a single instance sub-process called wmwizrds.exe. Some configuration windows run as a single instance sub-process called wmedit.exe.