Dynamic Datastore configuration for Agents

Each Agent is configured to connect to a specific Datastore when it runs a Workspace Control session. Normally, each Agent always connects to the same Datastore: the Datastore specified in the Console at Datastore in the Setup menu. In environments with multiple, replicated Datastores, this setup can cause problems for users on laptops or other mobile devices. In such cases, you can set up dynamic Datastore configuration.

Dynamic Datastore configuration uses the DHCP servers in your network. A DHCP server not only allocates IP addresses to Agents, but can also be used to provide other information. To set up dynamic Datastore configuration, you store Datastore connection information in Server options or Scope options on the DHCP servers in your environment. When a computer connects to the network, the operating system ensures that the Datastore connection information on the local DHCP server is transferred to the computer's registry. When the Workspace Control Agent starts up, it will use the information in its registry to connect to a Datastore.