IvantiDemo has its head office in New York, and the Workspace Control Datastore is located on a server there. The IvantiDemo satellite office in Singapore uses a replicated Datastore, because Agents in Singapore cannot connect directly to the Datastore in New York.

Amanda Cavendish is based in the New York office, and her laptop uses the New York Datastore. Wu Shen is based in Singapore, and his desktop computer uses the Singapore Datastore.

In the setup with fixed Datastore configuration for Agents, Amanda cannot start a Workspace Control session on her laptop if she is in the Singapore office: the Agent on the laptop tries to connect to the New York Datastore, which cannot be reached from the Singapore office. It would make more sense for her laptop to connect to the replicated Datastore in Singapore while she is there.

With dynamic Datastore configuration, you can create a setup where Amanda's laptop automatically connects to the New York Datastore when she is in New York, and to the replicated Datastore in Singapore when she is in Singapore.