Desktop Sampler

The Desktop Sampler allows the IT administrator to collect information from a desktop. The standalone software can be installed and launched on a desktop. It runs unobtrusively and it collects the following information:

User Context

  • User name, logon domain, logon server
  • Domain group membership
  • Organizational Unit of user
  • Computer name, computer domain
  • Organizational Unit of computer
  • Operating System
  • Device Capabilities (CPU/Memory)
  • Network IP address


  • Applications exposed in Start Menu
  • Drive and Port Mappings
  • Network Printers
  • Drive Substitutes
  • Data Sources

The collected information is stored as a file on a designated file share on the network. One file is created per unique user/computer combination. The IT administrator can configure the Desktop Sampler to uninstall itself after a number of days.