Desktop and DesktopSaveMandatory

Desktop lists the applications that the user has set as voluntary desktop shortcuts.
DesktopSaveMandatory lists the applications that are set as mandatory desktop shortcuts.







List of application IDs, separated by vertical bars (|)

Corresponding option in Workspace Preferences

Applications on desktop on the Desktop tab


These settings are part of the Workspace Control mechanism for handling desktop shortcuts that change from optional to mandatory and vice versa.

DesktopSaveMandatory lists applications that have the setting Desktop: Set mandatory shortcut in the Workspace Control Console (on the application's General tab under Automatic shortcuts). At the start of a user session, Workspace Control checks whether each application in this list still has that setting. If not, the application is removed from the DesktopSaveMandatory list and put in the Desktop list instead. The reverse also happens with optional desktop shortcuts that have become mandatory.

There is not much point in changing these lists manually unless you also change the setting in the Console.

Users can also opt to automatically set desktop shortcuts for all their applications. This is set with the INI file setting ShowAllOnDesktop.