In most companies, information about available applications and support is not readily at hand for users. In a Workspace Control session, users can get such information from PowerHelp, which provides users with information about application availability, application distribution, and application responsibility.

On the Access information tab, users can see who the Application Manager of an application is, or on what basis they can access an application. This can be useful if they have specific questions about an application, or if they need access to it. The information on this tab is filled automatically.

The Support information tab provides users with additional information about who to contact for technical support. By default, this is a reference to the IT-department. For applications controlled by application managers, the tab shows the names of the application managers and suggests the user could contact one of these.

If Time Restrictions apply to the selected application, Personalize My Workspace includes the Opening times tab where users can see the days and times when the application can be used.