What is saved as part of a Targeted Item

A Targeted Item for a:


but does NOT save:

Registry tree

all the keys and subkeys in the specified tree, and the values in those keys


Registry key

the specified key and all the values in it

subkeys and their values

Registry value

the specified value

  • other values in the same key
  • subkeys and their values.

Folder tree

all the files and folders in that tree, including sub-folders and their files



the specified folder and its file

sub-folders and their files


the specified file

  • other files in the same folder
  • sub-folders and the files in them
  • In all cases, parent keys or parent folders will be empty, except for the keys or folders in the path to the User Setting to be stored.
  • If you set a registry key as exception to a User Setting, the values in that key will NOT be stored, but any subkeys and their values will.
  • If you set a folder as exception to a User Setting, the files in that folder will NOT be stored, but any sub-folders and their contents will.