Applications User Settings

It is possible to change the behavior of the timing of loading User Settings for applications. At Composition > User Settings two options are available for prefetching User Settings:

  • Prefetch in background, check on application start: this is the default behavior. The User Settings for applications are loaded in the background during session startup. When a user starts an application, Workspace Control checks if the latest User Settings for the application have been prefetched in the background (based on the timestamp of the user settings file). If this is not the case, the latest User Settings are loaded before the application is started.
  • Apply on application start (requires managed shortcut): the User Settings are not loaded during session startup, only the first time an application starts its User Settings will be loaded.
  • On the User Settings tab of an application, you can choose either setting as the default for that application (i.e. make an exception to the set default) or choose the setting that has the (default) prefix.
  • The setting will then be equal to the one set at Composition > User Settings (and will be changed accordingly if the default is modified).