Variables and special folders

When specifying paths and names anywhere in User Settings, you can use:

  • the wildcards *, ?, [charlist] and [!charlist].
  • the default Microsoft Windows known folders (also called special folders in Microsoft Windows XP and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows) and any other special folder that may exist on the computers in your environment.
  • the following special folders to specify files, folders or folder trees in the user profile directory:


File System Directory


Contains application data for all users. This folder is used for application data that is not user specific.


Common repository for temporary Internet files.


Common repository for Internet cookies.


Stores file objects on the desktop.


Common repository for the user's favorite items.


Common repository for Internet history items.


Data repository for local (non-roaming) applications.


Common repository for music files.


Common repository for image files.


Common repository for video files.


Contains the link objects that may exist in the My Network Places folder.


Stores a user's common repository of documents.


Contains the link objects that can exist in the Printers folder.


Contains the user's program groups (which are themselves file system directories).


Contains shortcuts to the user's most recently used documents.


Contains Send To menu items.


Contains Start menu items.


Corresponds to the user's Startup program group.


Common repository for document templates.


Contains the user profile.