Integrate Microsoft App-V


Version 4.x

  • When selecting the Microsoft App-V 4.x Client that should be used:
    • As specified in command-line of application, Workspace Control uses the Application Virtualization helper process that is specified in the command line on the Properties tab of the App-V application at Composition > Applications.
    • sftrun.exe is the client launcher executable and overrides the default Microsoft App-V client as resolved by the system.
    • sfttray.exe works similar as sftrun.exe, but provides feedback to the user by showing a progress bar in the system tray.
  • Store patched OSD in Workspace Control database ensures that the OSD files of all Microsoft App-V applications that are added or changed after selecting this option are stored in the Workspace Control Datastore. This allows you to edit this file if necessary, using any editing tool (e.g. Notepad).
  • Hide Command Window when launching application starts the App-V application without showing a Windows command prompt.

Version 5.x

  • When using Microsoft App-V 5.x Workspace Control only checks if Microsoft App-V integration is enabled. The other settings for Microsoft App-V integration (App-V Client to use, Store patched OSD and Hide Command Window) are ignored.
  • Microsoft App-V was previously called SoftGrid. Workspace Control Microsoft App-V Integration also supports SoftGrid.
  • Changes in the Microsoft App-V Integration will be applied to new sessions only.