Integrate Microsoft RemoteApp

This section covers the options available in the Workspace Control Console for integrating Microsoft RemoteApp.


In the right-side pane, under the Settings tab, there are various options for configuring the Microsoft RemoteApp integration.

The following options are available:

Server Groups

Server groups are typically used to represent silos. If your workspace contains existing server groups (e.g. server farms), these are listed automatically. Server groups can then be used to deploy a Microsoft RemoteApp application. The list of available servers is automatically populated with computers that are running Microsoft Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services enabled.

Link a Windows Server with Remote Desktop Session Host enabled to a Session Broker and include it in a server farm to facilitate load balancing between several identical RD Session Hosts. When a Windows Server machine is configured to communicate with a Session Broker and it is added to a server farm, a server group is automatically created for the server farm.

In the right-side pane, under the Server Groups tab, configure server groups for the Microsoft RemoteApp integration.

Server Groups can be added using the New button.
To modify an already configured server groups, use the Edit button.
To delete a server group, use the Delete button.