Authorized Connections

Use the Authorized Connections tab in an application's Security section to allow the application to use network connections that are blocked through the Network Security configured at Security > Network. This may be necessary for database applications, ICA/RDP clients, telnet applications, SSH clients, MSN Messenger, etc.


  • If you need to determine which network connections should be authorized for the application, but you do not want to disable global Network Security, select Run this application in learning mode. In learning mode, the application can still access unauthorized network connections, but these are logged.
  • To convert a Log entry to an Authorized Connection, select the network connection that was logged as a security event, and click Authorize selected incident.

A rule authorizing a Network Connection at application level overrules a rule blocking that same connection at a global level.

You can easily move authorized connections from one application to another; from an application to the global node Network; and from the global Network node to a specific application. To do so, right-click one or more selected authorized connections and choose Move.