Disconnect user session when logoff is initiated

In Terminal Server environments and environments that use Microsoft Windows Vista, the setting Disconnect user session when log off is initiated greatly enhances the speed of the system as experienced by the user. It does not affect the actual logoff process, which continues and ends normally in the disconnected session.

Enabling this feature also deactivates the "Saving Settings" message that unexpectedly pops up in Seamless Windows applications.

  • If it is configured, Disconnect user session when log off is initiated is executed independent of the Instant LogOff mode.
  • You may want to turn Disconnect off in test environments where users log off and then on again straight away.
  • After the disconnect, the user remains logged on for a brief period of time while the logoff process continues. This is reflected, for example, in the list of User Sessions in the Management Console, where the user's name will remain visible until the session is actually logged off.