Limit the total memory usage of a session

With the option Limit amount of memory per session, you can restrict the memory usage of each Workspace Control session. As soon as the limit is reached, the user is not allowed to start additional applications. If a user tries to start an additional application, a message shows that memory must be freed up by closing an application. The contents of this message can be configured:

Memory optimization message - memory limit exceeded

As soon as the session's memory usage drops below the configured limit, the user regains the ability to start applications.

  • The Memory Optimization mode does not affect the options Limit the amount of memory per session and Limit number of running applications per session. If configured, these options are applied, even if Memory Optimization is disabled.
  • Workspace Control uses the total memory processes Working Set for the Memory Optimization feature. In the Windows Task Manager, this is shown in the Working Set (Memory) column. By default, this column is not displayed in the Windows Task Manager.