Create Building Blocks

Building Blocks can be created from the following locations in the Workspace Control Console:

  • Main menu > Action

  • Main bar > Building Blocks Building Block

  • The context menu of individual applications > Building Block > Create

  • The context menu of individual settings > Create Building Block

Building Blocks created from the Action menu contain all the settings of the Workspace Control site. However, individual Workspace Control nodes, settings and applications can be excluded manually before the Building Block is created.

Building Blocks created by right-clicking specific settings or applications from the right-side pane contain only the configuration for that setting or application.

In the Application List tab under Composition > Application, if multiple applications with the same Title exist in one menu, when creating Building Blocks for these applications, consecutive Building Block XML files after the first include the application ID in their file name.

For example:

  • start_accessories_notepad.xml

  • start_accessories_notepad_11.xml

  • start_accessories_notepad_74.xml

It is possible to create a Building Block of a Workspace Container with Access Control set to an organizational unit (OU) in one domain (A) and import the Building Block in a Workspace Control site in another domain (B) where the OU is available under the same path. Access control on the Workspace Container from domain B is then set to the same OU, but in domain B.

There are several methods of creating Building Blocks: