Specify a different application icon, Outlook signature or Registry setting

Follow this procedure:

  • Find the relevant element in the XML (see table below).
  • Remove the encoded data in the element contents.
  • Add the replacement file name as attribute for the empty element.

For example, to specify a different application icon, replace the element <icon32x256>XXX</icon32x256> (where "XXX" represents encoded data) with <icon32x256 filename="32x256.ico"></icon32x256>.


XML element(s)


Application icon





<icon32x256 filename="32x256.ico"></icon32x256>

Outlook signature




<htmlfile filename="companysign.htm"></htmlfile>

<plainfile filename="companysign.txt"></plainfile>

<rtffile filename="companysign.rtf"></rtffile>

Registry file


<registryfile filename="setting.reg"></registryfile>