Example: allow a user to choose a pre-set session configuration

If a user works in different roles on different days of the week, this user requires different applications and settings depending on the current role.

To let the user indicate today's role at logon:

  • Create two Workspace Containers, both with the same Computer Control and the same Access Control. Make sure the names of the Workspace Containers are meaningful to the user, for example by including the role names.
  • Create the full set of applications for both roles, with Access Control set to the relevant Identity (always the same user) and Workspace Container (depending on the role for which the application should be available).
  • Create variants of any other settings that may be required, such as E-mail Settings, User Registry Actions, etc.; each with the appropriate Access Control (Identity and Workspace Control).
  • Ensure that the user starts the Workspace Control session with the command line:
    %ProgramFiles%\Ivanti\Workspace Control\pfwsmgr.exe /ew ?

As a result, when the user starts the session, he will be asked to choose a role (= Workspace Container). This choice determines the applications and settings that become available in the session.