Example: force a session to start in a particular, exclusive Workspace Container

When publishing desktops on a Terminal Server, you may want to deliver only one specific Workspace Container to a user. This can be achieved by configuring the Ivanti Workspace Composer to start up in an exclusive Workspace Container. This means that only this specified Workspace Container will be processed for the user session. All other Workspace Containers will be ignored, even if the Agent is member of additional Workspace Containers. If the specified Workspace Container is not accessible, access to the session will be disallowed.

If you have sets of applications and settings that are mutually exclusive, you must ensure that they are never both available at the same time in one session.

To determine which Workspace Container applies when a user session starts, while ignoring all other Workspace Containers that may also apply:

  • Create two Workspace Containers, both with the same Computer Control and the same Access Control.
  • Create the full set of applications, with Access Control set to the relevant Identity and Workspace Container (depending on the set in which the application should be available).
  • Create variants of any other settings that may be required, such as E-mail Settings, User Registry Actions, etc.; each with the appropriate Access Control (Identity and Workspace Control).
  • Ensure that the user starts the Workspace Control session with the command line:
    %ProgramFiles%\Ivanti\Workspace Control\pfwsmgr.exe /ew <name of Workspace Container>

As a result, the Ivanti Workspace Composer will use only the Workspace Container specified in the command line. All other Workspace Containers are ignored.