Use Workspace Containers to configure exceptions to the global settings of a feature

For global Workspace Control features that do not have Access Control or Workspace Control, you can create alternative configurations for specific Workspace Containers. This is achieved by adding one or more Workspace Container tabs to the feature node. The standard configuration is set on the feature node itself, and then any exceptions get their own tab.

For example, you may wish to enable the Sessions feature in your environment in general, but disable it for test machines. This can be achieved by enabling Sessions Security at Security > Sessions and configuring the feature as required for the environment in general. Then, click the [+] next to the Audit Trail tab to add a Workspace Container tab for the Workspace Container "Test Machines". On this tab, you disable the Sessions feature. As a result, the feature is disabled for all sessions to which the Workspace Container "Test Machines" apply. Sessions started outside of this Workspace Container get the global settings as configured in the Sessions node.