General information about users

In the Workspace Analysis node, you can get a general overview of the settings that have been applied to your users by entering search criteria:

  • The search is always restricted to a specific Directory Service.
  • For a full list of all users (in a particular Directory Service), start a search without a filter or search term.
  • Select a filter to find specific kinds of users, for example users who are application manager, who have Administrative Roles, who are locked out, etc.

The users that are shown can have the following statuses:


Normal: no immediate attention required.

user - dimmed

Dimmed: this user account is unavailable. This could indicate a password lockout or that the user account has been disabled.

User attention flag

Flagged: there is something special about this account. This user has abnormal rights like technical manager, or a password that never expires. You can configure the triggers for the attention flag on the Properties tab

Settings tab

On the Settings tab of the Workspace Analysis node, you can configure the conditions that will trigger an attention flag and specify how long event logs should be stored.

By default, each user-specific Workspace Analysis shows event logs for 3 consecutive sessions. To change this number, change the value for Number of event logs to keep. Note that event logs are only cleaned up once per 24 hours, indifferent of the number of event logs to keep. For example, if you have specified that event logs for 3 consecutive sessions should be kept, and the user logs on 4 times within 24 hours, 4 event logs will be kept.