The order of events when a session ends



1. Disconnect session

  • If Instant Logoff is enabled
  • "Before Workspace Control splash screen appears" is enabled for Disconnect user session when log off is initiated

2. Save User Settings

User Settings are processed synchronously.

3. Run folder sync tasks at logoff


4. Execute Commands

Commands are executed synchronously, in the order in which they appear in the list at Composition > Actions By Type > Execute Command in the Management Console.

5. Save Memory Optimization statistics


6. Unload taskbar


7. Release VDX license


8. Release any application concurrent licenses


9. Release Workspace Control license


10. Remove Sessions Security (SessionGuard) lock


11. Remove drive mappings


12. Restore persistent drive mappings


13. Save default printer


14. Save printer preferences


15. Remove printer connections


16. Remove File Types (Instant File Associations)


17. Remove policies


18. Remove webtop


19. Close security for:

  • Applications
  • Removable Disks
  • Files and Folders
  • Read-only Blanketing
  • Global Authorized Files
  • Network


Close Process Interception


20. Cleanup Folder Redirections

Folder redirections for the user that started the session are restored.

21. Synchronize User Settings


22. Disconnect session

If "After Workspace Control splash screen disappears" is enabled for Disconnect user session when log off is initiated