Network Security Log

You can export the Network Security log file in the interchangeable XML format using the following command line.

Command line for Network Security XML log

Pwrtech.exe /exportlog /type=network /output=<output filepath> /start=<start date> /end=<end date>


Pwrtech.exe /exportlog /type=network /output=C:\outputlog.xml /start=20160101 /end=20160229

You must set the value for output. The values for start and end need to be set in the YYYYMMDD (optionally YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) format and are not mandatory.

At least read permission on the Network Connections node (at Security > Network Connections) is needed to export this log successfully. With insufficient access rights, the XML export file will contain no data.

Ivanti recommends to test first by exporting just one or two days of data.