The Workspace Control Agent Cache

When an Agent receives configuration data from the Datastore, this information is cached locally, in the Agent cache. This cache is protected by Security Management.

User sessions only need Read permission on the Agent cache.

There is one Workspace Control Agent Cache per device. The Workspace Control Agent cache is located at: %programfiles%\Ivanti\Workspace Control\Data\DBCache\.

The Agent cache contains the following data:

  • Log files: The log contains monitoring files, error logs and Usage Tracking data from Workspace Control end-user components. These files are stored in the C:\Program Files\Ivanti\Workspace Control\Data\DBCache\Transactions folder.

  • Objects: These files are XML files that contain part of the Workspace Control configuration data, and various resources in different formats. They are stored in subfolders of C:\Program Files\Ivanti\Workspace Control\Data\DBCache.

    • \IconCache - contains icons for programs and shortcuts
    • \Objects - contains XML files specifying Application, and other configuration settings
    • \Resources - contains several sub-folders that store files like OSD, ICA, BMP etc.
    • \Transactions - Log files waiting for transfer
  • Registry settings: This data concerns configuration settings that are implemented as registry settings in the registry key: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Policies\RES\Workspace Manager\Settings. Because each Agent cache contains registry settings, you can configure policies that customize these settings per user or per server. Implement these exceptions at Composition > Actions By Type > User Registry.

    When working with registry settings and policies, the decision should be weighed carefully whether to roll out these settings using Active Directory or using Workspace Control. Ivanti recommends to choose one method or the other, and advises against combining them. Workspace Control is particularly suited to the centralized and flexible management of registry settings and policies.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\RES\Workspace Manager\Settings\.... - Integer values and Booleans

  • A User Session only needs read permissions on the Agent Cache.
  • The Agent Cache is protected by Workspace Control Security.

The tasks of the pwrcache.exe subprocess are:

  • Update the Agent Cache from the Workspace Control Datastore
  • Agent Cache Resources, XML and registry
  • Updates are based on GUID tree information
Pwrcache.exe /upload
  • Upload Agent/Session stored logging to the Workspace Control Datastore from %programfiles%\Ivanti\Workspace Control\Data\DBCache\transactions