Scalability and performance

Workspace Control provides a flexible architecture that can use either direct database connections or indirect database connections through a Relay Server. Depending on the network topology, you can either use the capacity of the chosen database platform and connect the Workspace Control Agents directly or use Relay Servers to serve the Agents in a distributed network infrastructure. The database can also use standard high availability best practices.

Network traffic generated by Workspace Control is approximately 128 KB per managed object upon installation. This means that approximately 250 MB local cache is required for the configuration data in an environment with 2000 applications. Any changes to the configuration are downloaded in the background.

The Workspace Composer manages the entire Workspace with the use of the local cache. There is no dependency on the Datastore or the Relay Server.

This section describes sizing and performance of all Workspace Control components that take care of personalization, advanced administration and security.