Context menu options

If you right-click a user session, the following options are available from the context menu:




Displays the user properties.


Refreshes the Active Users list.

Force refresh of "<user>" now

Refreshes the user's session immediately. This is useful when a refresh is immediately required (e.g. access to a new application was granted or a security rule was added).

Analyze Workspace of this user

Displays the Workspace Analysis (see Workspace Analysis) details for the selected user.

Ping the user's workstation

Pings the user's computer to determine the network delay to its computer.

Remote Control "<user>"

Allows you to remote control the user's session. Remote Control is not possible on Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Offer remote Assistance to "<user>"

Allows you to start a Remote Assistance session with the user.

Send message to "<user>"

Allows you to send a message to the user.

Log off "<user>"

Allows you to log off the user.

Reset "<user>"

Resets the user's session.

Disconnect "<user>"

Disconnects the user's session.

Restore User Settings

Allows you to restore a user's User Setting to a previous value (from an earlier session) or revert to an application's default configuration.

Create Instant Report

Creates an Instant Report (see Instant Reports). Depending on your selection, you can also select which items should be included in the Instant report.

Building Block options

Creates Building Blocks (see Building Blocks). Depending on your selection, you can also select items that should be included in the Building Block(s).


Opens the Help for the Active Users node.

  • It is possible to select multiple users to refresh, send a message, logoff, reset, or disconnect user sessions. Use the CTRL key to select multiple users, use the SHIFT key to select a range of users, or use CTRL+A to select all users in the list.
  • The use of these options is subject to NT and/or Citrix permissions.
  • If you group the active users list by server, right-click a server to display the option Send message to all users on server <server name>. This allows you to send a user-defined message to all users logged on to the selected server. This option is only available in a Terminal Server environment.
  • Some options are only available for sessions that are logged on to a Terminal Server.