Configure a managed application as Citrix XenApp published content

Citrix XenApp published content is a file (such as a PDF document, a media file, or a URL) in any network location in your environment. When the content is published, a shortcut to the document is placed in the end user's Start Menu.


  • Open the relevant managed application at Composition > Applications.
  • In the Properties section, go to the Publishing tab.
  • On the Citrix XenApp Published Application tab, select Enable Citrix XenApp Application Publishing.
  • Select Publish as Content.
  • On the Client Settings tab, configure in which folders and with which shortcuts the published content should be exposed to the end user.
    • Because Content Publishing only requires a command line and Access Control, all other application configuration options will be disabled.
  • Return to the application's General tab in the Properties section and ensure that the Command line field specifies the path to the location of the content that you want to publish.

This check is necessary because if you enter a path to a file in the Command line field when creating a managed application, Workspace Control checks if there is a file type defined for that file extension. If so, the command line is automatically changed to the application executable, and the file is added as a parameter. For example, C:\temp\test.xls in the command line will be changed to...\...\excel.exe if Excel is associated with the file type XLS. This is not desirable if you are publishing the file as content.