Application Managers

In the configuration of Access Control on an application, the task of granting users access to the application can be delegated to one or more designated users. This is achieved by setting the Identity area of the application's Access Control to the option Controlled by application manager(s).

Application Managers do not need access to the Workspace Control Console. Instead, users who are listed as Application Manager for a specific application automatically get the Access Wizard in their Workspace (in the Settings section of the Start menu). The Access Wizard allows them to distribute the application(s) for which they are responsible to other users. The Access Wizard can also be opened directly from the Console by clicking the Access Wizard button.

When assigning Application Managers to an application, you can limit the range of users to whom the Application Managers can give the application. The available range limits are:

  • all users.
  • only users in the same OU as the Application Manager.
  • only users in the same domain as the Application Manager.

On the Comments tab you can create a message that will be displayed in the Access Wizard when an Application Manager grants or revokes application access.