Republish a published application

You can republish a published application with the following command line:

%respfdir%\pwrtech.exe /republishusers {AppID | AppGUID}

This command line is useful in situations where access to a published application is based on, for instance, OU membership or Identity Director Service (configured on the Access Control > Identity tab of an application). For example, using this command line in the workflow of the Identity Director Service that gives users access to the application, will trigger an immediate republish of the application when the user requests it. Without this command line, the user could request the published application, but the published application could not yet be accessed through Citrix. Republishing the application is necessary for this.


Command line with AppID: %respfdir%\pwrtech.exe /republishusers 167

Command line with AppGUID: %respfdir%\pwrtech.exe /republishusers {3F634F83-5048-46E4-9D2B-61CCF3761A4A}