VDX Licensing

If you use Workspace Control in combination with VDX, you can choose to manage VDX licensing through Workspace Control. In that case, VDX licenses are stored in the Workspace Control Datastore.

At Licensing > VDX Clients in the Setup menu, you can view a list of all VDX Client licenses that are in use in your Workspace Control environment. Workspace Control offers the following functionality for VDX Licenses:

  • When a user workspace session is started, the VDX Engine will retrieve its license through Workspace Control.
  • If no licenses are found or if the number of available licenses is insufficient, the VDX Engine will start looking for a VDX licensing server outside the Workspace Control environment.
  • Click Reserve to reserve a license for a specific client. Once a license is reserved, this license will remain reserved until released or used.
  • To release a reserved VDX Client license, select it and click Release.

For more information about Ivanti VDX, see the VDX Guide, available at the Ivanti Community.