Reporting Services for Workspace Control

Reporting Services is an (open) Web service that allows the retrieval of Usage Tracking data from the Datastore. The Usage Tracking feature is available in the Delegation and Compliance module of Workspace Control.

This data can be used to create reports tailored to your organization's needs, without clients needing to have direct access to the Datastore. Clients can be anything from users, other Web applications to other Web services.

The information to be examined can focus on the following areas:

  • Usage Tracking details
  • User metrics
  • OU metrics
  • Application metrics
  • Web Site metrics
  • Computer metrics
  • Sessions metrics
  • Current Activity metrics

To help specify search criteria, several search methods can be used:

  • Search User
  • Search OU
  • Search Application
  • Search Web Site
  • Search Computer

Workspace Control Reporting Services needs to be installed separately by someone with sufficient Administrative rights.

Workspace Control Reporting Services needs to be installed on a machine running Workspace Control that is connected directly to the Datastore.

For further details about Reporting Services, see the document Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Reporting Services.

Existing users of the Workspace Control Reporting Services will need to review and amend their configuration file to reflect changes in the listening address.