Assign permissions to users

You can give specific users on specific locations specific permissions to use removable storage devices.


You can assign different permissions (Read and/or Modify) to Floppy Disks, DVD/CD Disks and Removable Disks (e.g. you can assign Modify permissions to Floppy Disks, Read permissions to DVD/CD Disks, and no permissions to Removable Disks).

Files and folders on removable storage devices are not blocked according to the security restrictions on Files and Folders:

  • A user with Modify permissions on a removable storage device can always delete, copy, move and rename the files and folders on that device.
  • If certain file types are blocked by the security restrictions on Files and Folders, files of this type on the removable storage device cannot be opened unless they have been authorized. You can authorize these files either on global level (from the Log tab or from Security > Global Authorized Files) or on application level (at Managed Applications on an application's Security > Authorized Files tab). A blocked file can neither be copied nor moved from the removable storage device to other locations. See Authorizing files and folders.

Access Control and Workspace Control

By combining Access Control criteria and Workspace Control criteria, you can create situations where an authorized user can only access a removable storage device at an authorized location on an authorized computer for a specific period of time.