Access Control on Workspace Containers

Workspace Containers can be used part of Access Control on applications and settings.

Optionally, Workspace Containers themselves can also be restricted with Access Control criteria. This adds an additional layer of control over the availability of the Workspace Container: users who log on to a Workspace Control Agent that is member of the Workspace Container also needs to meet the Access Control criteria.

The following Access Control Identity criteria are available for Workspace Containers:

  • User/Group
  • NOT User/Group
  • Organizational Unit
  • Organizational Unit including child OUs
  • Language
  • Identity Director Service
  • Not Identity Director Service

The following Access Control Locations and Devices criteria are available for Workspace Containers:

  • Zone
  • NOT in Zone
  • Client Name

The following Access Control Date and Time criteria are available for Workspace Containers:

  • Start date and time
  • End date and time

The Workspace Containers settings can be also configured by right-clicking on an application and then selecting Quick Edit > Access Control > Workspace Control.