Datastore Migration Wizard

The Migrate button on the Primary Datastore properties screen makes it possible to migrate your existing Workspace Control Datastore to a new type and/or location. This allows you to easily relocate your exiting Workspace Control Datastore, or, for instance, to migrate from a Microsoft SQL 2005 Datastore to a Microsoft SQL Azure Datastore. Migrations between all supported Database types are possible. Workspace Control Agents and Relay Servers running Workspace Control will connect to this new Datastore as soon as they update their cache.


  • To migrate to a new Datastore, click Migrate to start the Datastore Migration Wizard, which will guide you through the process.
  • Optionally choose to migrate your Usage Tracking data to the new database.
  • After clicking Finish the Datastore will be migrated to the new location.
  • The last step of the wizard offers the option to transfer your Workspace Control licenses to the new database. If you select this option, the old database license activation will expire in 30 days. If you do not choose to transfer your licenses the new database gets no licenses but does get a new site ID.

Do not take the migrated database offline before all directly connected agents and Relay Servers have switched to the new database. This may take minutes to weeks, depending on cache intervals and off-line Agents (laptops).

  • If you use a designated Windows account, after migrating your Datastore, make sure the designated account is also member of the new Active Directory group. To check if the specified designated account still works for your migrated Datastore, go to the Datastore node in the Console, and click Browse button. A message will be displayed if the designated account does not work for the migrated Datastore.
  • When migrating a Microsoft SQL Datastore with Windows authentication and a designated account to a non-Microsoft SQL Datastore or a Microsoft SQL Datastore with SQL authentication, the designated account will be migrated. If both the primary and the secondary Datastore are non-Microsoft SQL or Microsoft SQL with SQL authentication, this designated account can be removed.