The following limitations apply when configuring UWP applications as Workspace Control managed applications:

  • Currently, only UWP applications that have an executable can be configured as Workspace Control managed applications.

  • Under the Composition > Applications > Settings tab, configuring Windows Shell shortcut creation to Replace all unmanaged shortcuts does not replace UWP applications that already exist on Workspace Control Agents.

    The Replace existing unmanaged shortcuts option, under the Properties > Shortcuts tab, is not available for UWP applications.

    Unmanaged shortcuts are intercepted if option If managed shortcut was not used is set to Intercept new process and apply configuration.

  • Publishing Workspace Control managed UWP applications is not available.
    The Properties > Publishing tab is not present for UWP applications.

  • File Types associations between Windows file types and UWP applications are not available.
    The Properties > File Types tab is not present for UWP applications.

  • UWP applications cannot be configured to run as Workspace extensions.
    The Run as Workspace Extension option is not available, under the Properties > General tab.

  • The option Allow users to restore their own settings at Composition > User Settings only works if the Workspace Preferences tool used by end-users fetches its data from the same home directory as the UWP application itself.

  • To create the name of UWP application shortcuts, the application's title and its Start Menu path are used. This name may not exceed 255 characters. Microsoft Windows cannot handle application shortcut names that are over 255 characters. This results in an application shortcut that does not work properly.