Create Data Sources

With Data Sources, you can configure data connections (DSNs) to databases using open database connectivity (ODBC). This allows you to associate DSNs with applications that need access to a certain database.

  • Workspace Control only supports user-based ODBC drivers.

  • Workspace Control does not install ODBC drivers. It only configures the data source.

For example, if a CRM application needs access to a CRM database located on an SQL database server and you would configure this in Microsoft Windows, you would have to configure a DSN link to the database server for each computer on which the CRM application has been installed. If you create a Data Source in Workspace Control, you only need to configure the DSN once to link the CRM application to the CRM database. Each time the application will be used, the database connection will be created automatically.


When you have configured the Data Source, you need to associate the Data Source with an application

  • If you select Show associated applications and a scope applies to your administrative role, not all applications may be shown or you may not be allowed to edit all applications.
  • Normally, a Data Source is created in a user session when the application to which it is linked is started. This may cause a delay when starting the application. It can therefore be useful to select Create Data Source during logon.

By clicking Workspace Designer, it is possible to use the Workspace Designer to create Data Sources based on your current environment. This enables you to easily transfer from a non-managed environment to a Workspace managed by Workspace Control. For more information, see the Workspace Control Help.