Relay Servers

A Relay Server is an infrastructure component that caches information from the Datastore and passes it on to Agents upon request, so that the latter do not need to contact the Datastore directly. Alternatively, Relay Servers can pass the cached information from the Datastore on to other Relay Servers.

Relay Servers that are assigned to a Workspace Control environment can be found in the Console in Administration > Relay Servers.

After installing and connecting one or more Relay Servers in a Workspace Control environment, you can switch existing Agents in the same environment to connect to Relay Servers instead of to the Datastore, and you can connect new Agents to Relay Servers during the installation process. It also remains possible to connect existing and new Agents directly to the Datastore.

For optimum security, we recommend that Agents connect to Relay Servers. Also, Relay Servers should connect to a Datastore that uses a service account (Windows credentials) and SQL encryption to connect to SQL Server.