Building Blocks

Building Blocks store information about the configuration settings of Workspace Control environments. They can be imported back into their original environment to recreate these settings.

Building Blocks can also be imported into different Workspace Control environments to copy the configuration settings from one environment to another. This makes Building Blocks useful for change management and data exchange. Please note that Building Blocks contain all configuration information (except Licensing), but not all operational information (e.g. Logging, Audit Trail, Delegated Users). Therefore, Building Blocks can be used as configuration backups of your environment, but not as a full backup.

For more details about information not included in Building Blocks, see Information excluded from Building Blocks.

A Building Block is an XML file that can be edited manually. This makes it possible to use a Building Block as a template. Before importing a Building Block into another site, site-specific information (such as server names) can be replaced with the information applicable to the target environment.