Tags are scope options that can be associated to administrative roles, managed applications and printers. They influence what applications and printers can be viewed and modified by administrative roles.

Tags affect administrative roles in the following ways:

  • Technical Managers can view and modify all managed applications and printers regardless of configured tags.

  • Only Technical Managers can create, associate, manage or modify tags.

  • For administrative roles with no associated tags, only applications and printers without any configured tags are visible under Composition > Applications.

  • Administrative roles with one or more associated tags can view and modify the following applications and printers:

    • Applications and printers without any associated tags.
      Other scope options such as Access Control and Workspace Containers still apply.

    • Applications and printers with identical associated tags as the administrative role.

  • Administrative roles that are associated with only a subset of the tags associated with managed applications or printers can only view such applications and printers, but cannot modify them.

Configuring Tags and Associations

Tags can be created and then associated with administrative roles and managed applications or printers.

After creating tags, first associate them with different administrative roles. Then associate tags with managed applications or printers.

Tag Use Case Examples

Following are some case examples showing how to apply tags in a Workspace Control environment: