Access Balancing

Access Balancing has been deprecated and will be removed from the Workspace Control Console in a future version of the product. The logon information previously available under Access Balancing can now be found under the Diagnostics > Logon Performance node. For more details, see Logon Performance.

Access Balancing limits the number of session logons that a server is allowed to process simultaneously. This optimizes the speed of logons and stabilizes a server's overall performance at peak logon times.

If many users log on at once, for example at the start of the working day or after a server reboot, this can impact the speed of session logons and the overall performance of the sessions already running on the server. Access Balancing serves as a throttle on session logons: logons that exceed the set limit are queued until the resources are available for them to be processed. Users whose logons are placed in queue are notified of their position in the queue. As a result, users no longer experience slow logons, at which only an hour glass is shown. Instead, they are informed about what is happening and how many users are ahead of them in the queue.

For example, you can set Access Balancing to allow a maximum of 2 simultaneous logons per server: If 10 users log on to a server more or less simultaneously, the first 2 logons proceed immediately and at a normal speed. Logons 3 to 10 are queued until a logon slot is freed.

Administrator logons are not restricted by Access Balancing settings.