Configure the Datastore

When you start the Console for the first time and there is no Datastore connection yet, you will be prompted to either create a new Datastore or connect to an existing one.

To create a new Datastore, click Create. This opens the Datastore wizard, which guides you through the process.

  • Follow the prompts to provide:
    • the database server type and name and any relevant (existing) DBA credentials.
    • a name for the database that will become the Workspace Control Datastore.
    • database file locations.
    • a user name and password to access the Datastore from the Workspace Control Console.
      • With Authentication set to SQL Server Login, the wizard will create a new SQL Server login with the necessary permissions.
      • With Authentication set to Windows account, Database permissions will be based on membership of a specified Active Directory group. The Workspace Control Agent Service on every Agent must be configured to run under an account that is member of that Active Directory group.
    • the Workspace Control license edition you wish to evaluate.
  • You can create a Datastore that uses Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant security algorithms by selecting the option Use FIPS compliant security algorithms on the New database properties page of the wizard.
    • This option is only available for new Workspace Control Datastores and all Management Consoles, Agents, and Relay Servers must be running on RES ONE Workspace 2015 or higher.
    • In migration scenarios, it is possible to import Building Blocks to fill your Datastore. Please refer to the Workspace Control Upgrade Guide for more information on these Building Block scenarios.
    • Please note that it is not recommended to make your Workspace Control environment only use FIPS compliant security algorithms, if not all components have been upgraded. In a mixed environment with RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR3 or lower and RES ONE Workspace 2015 or higher, some functionalities are not working.
  • After clicking the Finish button in the final step of the Datastore Wizard, the Datastore will be created. When the Datastore has been created, the Console will refresh, after which all nodes will be available.