Datastore Split/Join Wizard

The Split/Join... button on the Primary Datastore properties screen makes it possible to split your existing Workspace Control Datastore to a primary and secondary location. One database is used for State and Configuration data in- or excluding Logging and one database is used for Usage Tracking data in- or excluding Logging. Since Logging and Usage Tracking data may cause very large database sizes, storing that data in a separate database can for instance allow the design of the database infrastructure to be more flexible. For the secondary database, all Database types are possible. All Workspace Control Agents running Workspace Control version 10 will automatically connect to this new Datastore.


  • To migrate to a new Datastore, click Split/Join... to start the Split/Join Datastore Wizard, which will guide you through the process.
  • Choose what data needs to be stored in your secondary database.
  • Choose to create a new secondary Datastore or use an existing one:
    • If you are creating a new Datastore, select the server and supply credentials.
    • If you use an existing Datastore, specify the connection settings for the existing secondary location.
  • If a secondary Datastore already exists, the Split/Join Datastore Wizard will display the records that are already available in that location.
  • An overview of all actions to be taken is displayed, before actually splitting or joining the Datastore.
  • In the last step of the wizard you must make the changes permanent or click Cancel to revert to the original situation. A confirmation of all choices made in the wizard will be displayed.