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With Microsoft Application Virtualization integration, you can integrate Microsoft App-V applications into the user workspace. Workspace Control supports Microsoft App-V versions 4.x and 5.x.

Application Virtualization will be end of life in April 2026.

Version 4.x

To create the integration with App-V 4.x, Workspace Control actively changes the way in which Microsoft App-V applications are invoked. This is done by launching a Workspace Control helper process from within the virtual application environment. This helper process makes configuration changes in the virtual environment (such as registry settings).

Version 5.x

With App-V 5.x virtual applications work like installed applications, allowing Workspace Control to apply actions and settings to the virtual applications directly. This eliminates the need of a helper process within the virtual application environment and enables User Settings tracking, prefetching User Settings and Process interception in Workspace Control sessions.