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Workspace Control can be integrated with the Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) RemoteApp on Microsoft Windows Server. This allows you to manage Microsoft RemoteApp applications from the Console and enables users to access applications remotely through Remote Desktop Services.

A Microsoft RemoteApp application runs on a Remote Desktop Services , but because it integrates seamless with the user's desktop, it behaves as if it were running on the user's local machine.

Users can run Microsoft RemoteApp applications side-by-side with their local applications. If more than one of these applications run in a user session, they will share the same Remote Desktop Services session.

In order to use Microsoft RemoteApp applications, the following requirements apply:

  • Servers that host Microsoft RemoteApp applications must have installed Remote Desktop Services with the role Terminal Server.
  • Client computers that need to access Microsoft RemoteApp applications must be running Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).
  • Because of a dependency between the RDC client and the Windows Explorer, it is not possible to start RemoteApp applications from sessions running the Workspace Control Shell.