Set up Microsoft RemoteApp applications

To set up a Microsoft RemoteApp application, add an application to the Management Console and select the option Enable Microsoft RemoteApp publishing at Properties > Publishing.

  • On the Settings tab of Microsoft RemoteApp, you can enable Instant Passthrough for the application. This will automatically detect whether the application is available directly in a session (if the session is running on a Terminal Server that deploys the application) or whether a terminal session needs to be started to one of the configured Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers to start the application as a Microsoft RemoteApp application. If a terminal session needs to be started, the RDC client is started with a Workspace Control generated RDP file with the correct information. See Setting up Instant Passthrough for RemoteApp applications.
  • On the Servers tab, specify one or more server groups that should deploy the application. This will deploy the Microsoft RemoteApp application on all Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers in the specified server group(s).
    • The Management Console does not communicate directly with these servers to create or update the Microsoft RemoteApp application. Instead, the Workspace Control Agent process running on the Microsoft Windows Server will create the Microsoft RemoteApp application.
    • When a Terminal Server is configured for a server farm, Workspace Control will automatically create or update a server group with the same name. Therefore, when you add a new Terminal Server running Microsoft Windows to an existing server farm, it will automatically be added to the server group with the same name as the server farm. Because this new Terminal Server has become part of the server group that has been specified to deploy the Microsoft RemoteApp application, it will also start to deploy the Microsoft RemoteApp application.